Akua Intaglio Water-Based Ink, 2-Ounce Jar, Diarylide Yellow

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DEVELOPED FOR PROFESSIONAL PRINTMAKERS Printmaking Inks Created by Professional Printmakers Akua Intaglio Inks are professional- quality inks created by two printmakers, Susan Rostow and William Jung. Rostow & Jung were motivated to create safe, fume-free inks that deliver brilliant colors, intense blacks and unmatched working properties. Akua Intaglio Inks are made with the highest quality pigments carefully selected by Susan. Unique Soy-Based Formulation Ideal for intaglio/etching, monotype, gel, and collagraph printmaking, Akua Intaglio Inks' unique soy-based formulation offer a safer studio environment. Clean-up is easy with soap and water, allowing printmakers to avoid the harmful solvents that are needed for traditional etching/intaglio inks. Inks Dry Through Absoption Akua Intaglio Ink will not skin over in the jar or dry on the printmaking plate. It dries through absorption into paper fibers. This delivers a range of meaningful benefits to printmakers. It affords the ultimate in convenience - allowing you to work on printing on your schedule. You can leave and come back to work on projects without the inks drying on plates or tools. Since the inks only dry through absorption, there is no wasted ink as jars left open will not dry out. Read more Great With Akua Inks Akua Blending Medium Akua Mag Mix Akua Transparent Base Akua Release Agent Akua Pin Press Akua Wiping Fabric Mix with Akua Intaglio Ink or Akua Liquid Pigment to thin the ink for brushwork, wash effects or use as a resist for viscosity monotype. Mix into Akua Intaglio Ink to add depth and stiffen the ink. Not suitable for use with Akua Liquid Pigment. Transparent Base is Akua Intaglio Ink without pigment. Mix with Akua Intaglio Ink to increase transparency while still maintaining ink consistency. Tip: Combine Transparent Base and Blending Medium to create a thin, transparent resist. After printing a monotype, roll Release Agent over top of remaining ink on the plate to create a ghost print. Roll over Akua Intaglio Metallic colors on the printing plate to increase shine. The Akua Pin Press a portable press designed for light pressure printing processes such as Monotype, Drypoint and Collagraph. Akua Wiping Fabric is ideal for removing excess ink from the surface of all types of Intaglio/Etching, Drypoint, Collagraph, and Photopolymer plates

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