R&F Handmade Paints Premium Artist Encaustic Paint Introductory Set, 6 Color,...

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Style:Introductory Colors | Size:6 Color Set This R&F Encaustic Introductory Color Paint Set is a popular alternative to oil and acrylic paints. These paints can be modeled, layered, textured, sculpted, or combined with collage materials. No drying time required. Each color is heavily pigmented and carefully milled. The beeswax in the paints makes them impervious to moisture. Paint won't deteriorate, yellow, or darken. The Introductory Set of 6 includes 40 ml cakes of Cadmium Green Pale, King's Blue, Naples Yellow, Neutral White, Turkey Red, and Turkey Umber Greenish. Handmade in the USA

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